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"Oh, Henry!" from Homemade Fusion by Kooman and Dimond

"Expectations of a Man" from Forward by Jonathan Reid Gealt

Performance at WWU Fresh Hot Songs 2 headed by Danny Kam (there's more where these came from...)

When I would watch huge budget movies, and saw the words "Producer: Tom Hanks" I thought "Hmm...Tom Hanks must have given them money to make the movie."

But actually no.  The technical definition of producer?  The person who births the brain child.  The person who makes-things-happen.  The person whose name flops when their idea flops.

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WHO said the Aeneid was a page-turner? Who??

...but this doesn't!

It's Kristen Chenoweth (?) from Pushing Daisies singing Glitter and be Gay

CRAZY DREAM last night. First of all, I had a long day yesterday.  I was up with the birds and out with the owls. So I slept good and hard last night.

First--a little preface. When I was little I was absolutely positive--no doubts whatsoever--that I was really a princess and somehow my real parents had given me up to the people raising me (Glenn and Vanita Davis) so that they could run their kingdom (as I'm sure every 5 year-old girl is absolutely positive of)

Never did it occur to me that Glenn and Vanita may have actually been the king and queen and were saving me from a bloated head to teach me a life of humility and grace.  Well...

The dream:  I was just hanging out in Spokane with my parents and Colin when all of a sudden there were aliens--everywhere.  All different breeds of aliens (are aliens like dogs?  they're all just different breeds?  or species...or...pods..I don't know).  It was like the ET circus was coming to town.  There were so many of them and they were all benign so earthlings just said whatever. But everything kind of changed. Meghann and I were invited to go to an alien ball by some aliens had gotten to know, and we went to outer space on this cosmic date and danced to crazy alien music.  We came to find after the ball that there was a political agenda--as most balls have, let's be honest.  These aliens that had come to earth in order to form a coalition with earth (UN style) because we were finally technologically advanced enough (I think Bush was out of office by this point).  THE POINT:  My mom and dad were given the title King and Queen of Earth.  So what did that make me?  I know...and they made Meghann a princess too. 

So we got to live in this castle and these secret service agents kept guard at all times wearing these long black cloaks.  They were these kind of aliens that you could never quite see all the way, so they were always there keeping watch over our kingdom.  It was like Harry Potter met The Never Ending Story met Star Wars. 

It was just one of those dreams where you see all this stuff happens and when you think back on it you're like, "how did I know those cloaked aliens were guards?" but you just knew. 

I told Vanessa about it and she thinks I should write a children's book about it.  I think she thinks I'm weird

Photobucket My girl and me!

OK, I love the idea of a feminism. Seriously I do. Yes--I'm a feminist. But some feminists (one that I know in particular) are just downright cynical. Then they go and give people like me a bad name.


I can't believe my Women's Studies class is my least favorite class this quarter. Seriously.


Huh--interesting. I think EVERYONE should do this.

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